I’m a storyteller.  And a writer.  And a listener.  And a traveler. 

And I want you to connect with the people around you.  I want you to listen.  I want you to ask questions.  I want you to learn something new.  I want you to read a little.  Maybe get a little inspired.  Maybe look at the people around you in a new way.  Maybe even find a way to be a little happier, and make someone else feel that way too.

Why here?  Why me?  Why now?

If I could wave my proverbial magic wand, I’d give people the ability to reach out and connect.  Online.  In person.  Through music.  At the grocery store.  On the subway.  On vacation.  At work.  Everywhere.

Why me?  It’s what I do best.  I write to engage.  I engage to write.  All along the way I get to ridingthedime|deborah fingerlowmeet and interact with amazing people.  And most people are amazing.  They have unique experiences; they have something to offer, something to share.  We all do.  But we don’t take the time, or make the effort.  Maybe we’re busy, or maybe it’s too uncomfortable to try and find a connection.

Maybe we think it doesn’t matter.  It does.

Interacting with people makes us happier and promotes a sense of community.

Not surprisingly, interactions with family and close friends increase the happiness factor and keep us grounded.  What is interesting is that small interactions with people we don’t know make us feel as though we’re part of a larger community.  We feel like we belong, that we are part of something bigger and that feeds into our happiness.  We’re more complete.

I’m inviting you to ride the dime with me.  There are wonderful people all around us every day.  I encourage you to get to know them a little.  Every week I’m here talking about making some kind of connection.  It could be with my therapy beagles, Ella and Sunshine.  It might also be with someone I met at the market.  It might even be with an entire group of people I never met before, like the folks I met at a singalong not too long ago.

So, ride the dime with me.  We’ll meet new people.  We’ll share new things.  And we’ll be happier too.

Life is so much sweeter when we take the time to share.





Yes! Let's Connect.


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