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Ringing the Bell:  Let’s Go Travel

The ferry moved sedately past as I ran to the dock.  Gone.  It didn’t even slow down.  I turned away and headeridingthedime|new year's rund back inland, looking for an open door.  The shop keeper was older, or at least she seemed that way to my 23-year-old mind.  “You have to ring the bell. Then the ferry will know you want to go.”

Almost thirty years have passed since that day in the archipelago of Sweden, outside of Stockholm.  I’m still ringing the bell, because I still want to go.

I am off exploring every chance I get.  Before children. With children. With dogs. Solo. My companions may change, but the urge to travel, to meet people, to live like I’m a local, for at least a little while,  never changes.  My goals are to travel well, and travel honestly.  In the real world, I have bills to pay and obligations to meet.  You probably won’t find me tossing money at every experience, because that’s not me.  Don’t get me wrong; I want every experience to be five-star in terms of learning and exploring new places.  I want to enjoy wonderful food and amazing views, but I don’t want to save up every two years to do it.  And you shouldn’t either.  With a little planning, a little creativity, a little willingness to choose a different path, you can travel well and often.  Travel can mean across the country.  Anyone up for a cross-country tour?  It can also be across the state, or a day trip to a neighboring town.  State park, winery, historic route, keep your eyes open.  When you hit the road, one thing always leads to another.  Let’s go ride the dime and live a little.


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