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  1.  Travel With Someone You Like, That Includes the Dog and Yourself
  2.  Be Flexible:  Not Everything is a Must-Do.  Leave a Reason to Return.
  3.  Pack Snacks.  No One Travels Well Hungry.
  4.  Speak up.  When You Stop for Gas, Ask Inside for a Good Restaurant.
  5.  Slow Down.  The Journey Really is the Destination.
  6.  Embrace Detours.  You Never Know What You Might Find.
  7.  Take a Book.  Or a Kindle.  Or a Board Game.  Plan to Have Some Downtime.
  8.  Don’t Take Your House.  Pack Less Than You Think You’ll Need.
  9.  Pack Perspective.  You’re Getting to Explore a New Place.  Enjoy It.
  10.  Initiate Conversation.  Really Get to Know Where You Are.




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2 Comments on 10 WAYS TO TRAVEL HAPPY: HOW TO TRAVEL JOYFULLY | Deborah Fingerlow

    • I so agree! Being flexible allows us to take advantage of unexpected opportunities. My kids and I stumbled across the best barbecue I’ve ever had, dining along a river in Arkansas. All we needed to do was follow a fun billboard!

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