Let’s talk about perspective.  This week I’ve been feeling guilty because the writing has slipped away from me, pushed aside for more pressing matters. The feeling was intensified by the fact that my accountability friends were truly kicking it and developing amazing, useful content. So I decided to take a page from my friend Lori Rochino, podcaster extraordinaire, and write it all down.

Tom & Dixie

Tom is retired golfer and Dixie is his nine-year-old yellow labrador retriever and constant companion. When Tom broke his shoulder, walking Dixie was out of the question and I stepped in to fill the gap. Dixie is wildly enthusiastic, talkative and ready to explodixie|ridingthedimere. She’s sweet and friendly and I enjoy our weekly strolls three times a week through the neighborhood. I also enjoy Tom and his relationship with this beautiful dog. They enjoy each other’s company and welcomed me into their pack. Tom takes Dixie’s input to heart, and realizing how much she enjoys these jaunts, he’s asked me to continue. “We’ve got to do something about this,” said Tom, “because we’ll both miss this.” How could I refuse? I’d miss them too.

Masterminding – In Person

I love mastermind groups because they bring people together that may have never met. We are encouraged and befriended and better for the belonging. This week I attended and though the group was small, we augmented our numbers with two puppies and one mama beagle. Betsy Howell of Redfern Canines provided space, and in addition to great conversation, Gail Coleman brought fresh berries and cashew cream. Two hours was gone in no time as we discussed work goals, nutrition ideas and cuddled all the pups. We were able to help each other with what was on our plate this week, and make plans for our next meeting. Time well spent in the company of fine women.

Finding the Cbloodhound|ridingthedimeulprit

Some people never get tired of pretending, and I admit I’m happy to jump in and play a “bad guy” in order to train man trailing bloodhounds for search and rescue work with Summit Search & Rescue.  This week I conned my college age daughter into helping and we headed down to the river to set trails for two working bloodhounds. My trail was along the river, around poison ivy and through some heavy brush. I stood near the water at the boat launch before hiding, allowing my scent to swirl over the water. After hiding downriver, and being “found” twice by dogs that had waded into the water first before leaping onto my shoulders as positive identification, I emerged wet and dirty to climb a hill and sit along railroad tracks for two more searches. At the end of training, the dogs were successful and better prepared for their jobs. I was wet and dirty, but happy to have helped.

Mini Himalayan-Nepalese Journey

After finishing up our bloodhound training, I wanted to treat my daughter. Her hiding spot had been in the woods, and she’d been challenged by a mama woodchuck and had watched a snake slither past her feet. A quick search online had revealed a restaurant I’d never seen before. The Yak & Yeti. Less than a milyaknyeti|ridingthedimee away, it was painted a cheery red and offered authentic family cuisine from the Himalayas and Nepal. The restaurant was tiny and brightly colored, and the owner overlooked our muddy clothing and gladly explained every dish before we ordered. The sampler platter was delicious and as much fun to

look at as it was to eat. We shared and talked and sipped tea and marveled at flavor combinations we’d never considered. It was the perfect end of the day, spent with one of my favorite people I don’t get to see nearly enough. It didn’t matter that we were dirty, or that I had a scrape running across my forehead from a stray tree branch. It mattered that we were sharing.

Gone Styling

This week also found me at a workshop to improve my iPhone photography. No judging here. It’s simply a fact of life that I always have my phone, and I rarely cart around my DSLR. Deciding to embrace the convenience, I once again offered a spot to my daughter and we headed through Amish country to a place called The Railroad Master’s House. Beautifully renovated, the house was full of amazing organic textures like original brick walls and stonework. Worn and restored wood floors. Delightful nooks and crannies and a few industrial accents that only served to enhance the home. After brunch and instructions, we were free to wander the home anrrkitchen|ridingthedimed take our photos and I was able to stockpile a bit of what I’ll call my self-portrait pieces as they reflect what I like, therefore who I am. And Girl-Child had fun just making images for no reason other than pleasure. A chemistry major, she rarely has time to engage in such behavior. It was relaxing and worthwhile, hardly seeming like work at all.

Epic Fail or Success?

I’m voting for success. It’s true I didn’t write as much as I had planned to write this week. It’s also true that this week is an honest reflection of what I aspire to do. My passion in life is making connections and fostering relationships. It’s all part of the work, and to be quite honest, I can’t make those connections sitting here in front of my computer. I need to be out, talking and sometimes literally getting down and dirty. And I love it.

That being said, I do make connections here as well. Sitting here in front of this screen, surrounded by four sleeping beagles and sipping a cup of tea, it’s also wonderful to be talking with you.

Perspective Check

It really is all in our perspective. If you’re feeling that you’re missing the mark, take stock and write down what you’ve been doing. Granted, there may be some changes to make, and I know that I must constantly adjust. But I also know that sometimes I do get it right, and I just need to step back for a moment to check my perspective. Give it a try. You might just be surprised. If you’ve the time, tell me about it. I really would love to connect, and maybe learn something new.







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