Why me?

I always preferred to read the book.  The book was always vastly more entertaining, and I got to enjoy the whole thing longer.  Better still, I wanted to see for myself.  After years of traveling and listening to people ask why my experience was always more satisfying, Riding the Dime was born.  With it, I hope to grow a community that’s ready to experience travel locally.  A community that wants to learn about a different place, about different people.  A community that wants every experience to be unique.

Isn’t all travel local?

It isn’t that I have unlimited money to spend.  I don’t.  It isn’t that someone has planned my trip.  They didn’t.  It isn’t even that I traveled as a child.  Well, not unless you count the annual trips to Grandma’s house.  But I’ve always had wanderlust.  I want to get out there, and “see what there is to see.”  But I don’t want to experience a new destination from a hotel room.  I want to live in a flat on an urban street, and get pizza from the local parlor with the old, flashing neon lights that sees a steady business.  I want to stay in a house in the mountains where a walk to town takes me past a man walking his llama and donkey.  Where the wife of the local restaurant chef invites me to dinner.  I want to walk down to the lake in the quiet of the morning with my cup of tea and watch the herons pick carefully through the reeds.  I want to live right there, even if it’s only for a night or two.

An Invitation

Come with me.  Take a look, maybe read the book, and then go see for yourself.  Traveling is an art form.  It is to be savored and flexible and wondrous and shared.  And most of all, it is unexpected.




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