Searching for the perfect business asset, the best and brightest?  Take a closer look at one segment of the workforce that’s been honing it’s skills 24/7 for years with a rapidly changing clientele.  Interested?  You might need a Mom.  Read on.  Chances are this might stir a few memories.

1.  We know that “no” is merely the starting point in a conversation.

On-the-job training has given us years of working with individuals of varying ages and expressions united in their desire not to acquiesce. It isn’t the end of the story, merely the start of creative thinking.

2.  Yes, we can make that phone call.

There are just some situations that demand a phone call. Emailing and texting don’t have the same gravitas as a voice on the line in real life. There is no delay. Period.

3.  We’ve heard lots of good stories, both truth and fiction.

And we can tell the difference between the two. Experience has taught us that these stories, while drastic at times, are no indication of the world’s demise. Moms ooze perspective.

4.  Moms have broad shoulders.


Sometimes you just need to feel that someone is in your corner, regardless of the situation. Moms are loyal and fierce. You really shouldn’t poke the Mama bear.

5.  Honesty is the best policy.

You know the right thing to do, as well as the easy way out. If you’ve got a Mom on your team, she sympathizes but reaffirms your decision to do the right thing.

6.  Moms are flexible with job titles.

They realize that Mommy eventually gets traded in for Mom without any fanfare. Changing times require someone that can pivot and think fast on her feet, regardless of said title. Moms are experts.

7.  They are the best cheerleaders, bar none.

And that’s as it should be. There are plenty of folks telling you what’s wrong with your business and what you need to do to improve. A Mom reminds you of all the things you’re doing right, giving you the confidence to tweak areas that need help.

8.  Moms are not set in their ways.

They aren’t hung up on doing things the way they’ve always been done. Children teach you to innovate with the tools at hand. Moms know how to improvise when necessary, and sometimes the outcome is downright genius.  According to Wharton School of Business Professor Peter Cappelli, older workers can hit the ground running, are conscientious and amazingly skilled at promoting engagement.

9.  Moms are skilled negotiators.

For years, they’ve dealt with all manner of requests from ice cream for dinner to missed curfews. They know the best outcome for everyone is one where everyone wins.

10. Moms remember details.

Have a favorite sandwich? She knows. And she has it waiting when you come home to visit. Need someone to remember all those client details? A Mom is your best bet every time and the best part is that it’s all instinctual so it comes naturally.


This post is dedicated to my mother, who was every one of these things and much more. When you are searching for team members, don’t discount mothers if they don’t have years in a corporate position. This is doubly true for entrepreneurs looking to expand their reach. Moms are bootstraps and sweat and band-aids. And they may be just what you need.



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